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At Herij Credit it doesn't matter how you arrived here. It's time to get the 8R's of Finance and start living the life you deserve! 

We make it easy by giving you 24/7 access to your personalized portal showing you all 3 Credit Bureaus with everything listed on your Reports in one place. You can add a note to challenge, inquire, or accept anything listed.

Your Credit Expert will work on a retainer, which means, they are always working on your behalf. Le't see exactly what’s hurting your score & how we can work to fix it.


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You said last year that you were going to fix your credit, remember? You made a vision board and everything. You don't even apply for anything anymore because you know it will be another denial. Maybe you're patient and plan to just wait the 7-10 years for your credit to get better if things fall off legally.

Actually, you're ready to start hearing Yes. You have a car to buy because it's time. You are going back to school and you need a small loan. Your teenager is going to college soon and a Parent Plus loan is required or they can't go. Wait, I think you're considering buying a house, better yet open a business. Whatever the reason, you don't have the time to figure this out on your own and end up re-opening an account that is dormant, you want a Done For You Service.  

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DIY Repair Class


During this One Day Intensive you will learn how to successully ​access your full reports, understand how certain actions can tip the score scale, create a target, and fix errors. Inside of your custom portal you will have access to each major bureau credit report, score, accounts, and personal details to review. The software will automatically identify the negative accounts on your credit report and provide you with recommended dispute options based on the account type and other account details. You will flag an account, add a note, submit the change and wait for results.  

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