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The Herij Group, A Consumer Finance services company.

HG since 2002 has perfected the productivity tools needed to provide a tailored approach to Tax, Financing, Credit, and Debt all while ensuring that each client feels protected, secured, and valued.

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When It Comes To Who You Trust With Your Tax and Financial Services, we want you to think of The Herij Group and our family of brands. 

At THG specialists work in collaboration with brands to educate visitors when they are seeking to apply for financing that will ultimately require the use of personal data to include interest rates, credit scores, and prior tax documentation.

Family Taxes

Herij Credit, a consulting firm that negotiates debt, counsels on credit, offers monthly education and tips on credit reporting. https://herijcredit.com

 Credit Tips 

As we increase awareness of Credit and Applications against the relationship of Interest Products and Scoring formats; we effortlessly engage a new set of financial leaders that are guaranteed to be effective for their own benefit.

Business Credit

Steps To Business Credit, an educational platform that guides business professionals in understand business credit, loans, and application steps.

8R’s of Finances.

Your Business + Our 8R’s of Finances empowers individuals of families and businesses without judgment but with coaching to develop forward thinking solutions. 8R’s of Finance = Ready, Retrain, Refrain, Reset, Resolve, Restructure, Remaining, & Restoring.

As 2020 gets off to a great start, let's work together to make this years finances moving forward. Call 833-944-6292 ext. 870 today.

Technology has forever changed the world we live in. We're online, in one way or another, all day long. At H.G., we're banking on continuing to help you grow today, and tomorrow with strong financial strategies. Whether you come and join us here, in-person, at a tradeshow, or by phone, we aim to assist.

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